High-Impact, In-School Consultancy and Training

Systemic Knowledge-Driven Leadership (SKDL) is a high-impact, intensive, one day consultancy/training event for secondary schools designed to promote Outstanding leadership through the use of performance data. SKDL offers a new approach to school improvement and leadership development. The key to this approach is the use of the 4Matrix school performance system, a comprehensive data analysis and research system that has already helped many schools achieve an Outstanding judgement for Leadership.

SKDL is unique because it presents a rationale for change that leads to greater personal effectiveness at key levels, it offers professional development support and training for role development, and it provides the practical tools with which to implement and manage that change, and provide key evidence of school effectiveness.

SKDL is modelled on the approach used by schools that have gained an Outstanding Ofsted grading of Leadership through the way that they have used 4Matrix - and an increasing number of schools that have undertaken this programme have gone up an Ofsted category in their subsequent inspection.

Module 1 : Members of the Senior Leadership Team
This is an in-school consultancy session for members of a school senior leadership team designed to examine how school leaders can make effective use of performance data, provide quality support for effective teaching, and to promote development of individual roles which demonstrate Outstanding Leadership.

Module 2 : Subject Leaders
This module provides practical training for middle leadership development, designed to promote the QA role of the subject leader, and develop a practical knowledge of using diagnostic performance tools to investigate the impact of teaching.

Module 3 : Performance data leaders
This module supports the management of the use of new performance tools, and provides practical support in developing the role of the data manager

All three modules can be delivered in one intensive development day by one of our specialist consultant/trainers.
For further details of this programme contact Mike Bostock at mike@new-media-learning.org

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